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Hi and welcome to our blog

Welcome to the blog of 2 complete novices as they get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. We are planning our 2017 getaway to Europe (and beyond) and this blog will hopefully show how we’ve gone about it and the highlights and pitfalls we’ve experienced.

At the moment we’re waiting for delivery of our motorhome and after much deliberating we decided on an Autotrail Dakota because it suited our needs. For us having space was important and the Dakota has that plus it has a great bathroom, situated at the back of the motorhome. Again for us having the bathroom at the back of the motorhome was perfect, away from the lounge and kitchen area giving privacy to us and all our future visitors.

We’re struggling to agree on a name for ‘her’ but I’m sure once we pick her up it will come – I think it should be a female name and Ian thinks it should be male – but in the end I’m sure it won’t matter – she’ll be perfect.

We’ve started to buy things for her, wine glasses, bbq, sun chairs – you know all the important things! Actually, Ian’s been doing a lot of research into the necessities, gas bottles , bike rack, internet, insurance and Julie and Jason’s ‘Our Tour’ has been really helpful. Without it I’m sure we’d be struggling to know what we actually need and what is a luxury – so thanks Julie & Jason.

We plan to pick her up at the end of March/early April and as it gets closer we’re both getting really excited. I keep saying let’s go as soon as we pick her up but Mr Sensible says ‘No’, we have to stick to the plan. I know he’s right but it seems such a long way off and I’m not sure I can wait that long. Once we have her we intend to go away for weekends, locally, and then as we get the hang of things, we’ll venture further afield. We plan to go to France this summer for about a month because we’ve been there and had a look at the Aires in the area we want to go, so hopefully that will give us the experience we need and the confidence to try other countries.

When we eventually set off we’re not sure where we’ll head off to – as it’s going to be March time, I’m thinking Spain would be good, as it’ll be warmer but Ian wants to start off in France as it’s familiar, but wherever we decide to go will be fine – the adventure will begin.

So, we’ll be happy to have you on board, just following us on our journey or giving us helpful hints and tips, and who knows maybe you’ll be inspired too.


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