A Day Of Driving

We decided to leave Valencia yesterday morning for two reasons; 1) everybody was at the MotoGP race meeting, and 2) when my neighbour arrived at 10.30pm Wednesday night, instead of driving straight into his pitch he decided to drive in diagonally and then proceeded to reverse into us, resulting in me running outside in my underpants! Enough said because we’re trying to put it behind us but we now have the inconvenience of taking Livvy back to Autotrail to be patched up.

We left fairly early for us and our intention was to stop just south of Zaragoza, but the aires in this part of Spain are few and far between and this is where we pulled up.

A cafe car park in the middle of nowhere, so we moved on and before you knew it we were in Sabinanigo.

I was worried about this part of the journey because if there was snow on the French side of the Pyrenees we would have to head off to San Sebastian. Luckily that evening a British Hymer pulled up and told me that the roads were fine and so the decision was made, back into France.

The road to the Somport Tunnel was fantastic.

As we entered the 5.3 mile tunnel we were both thinking how easy it was.

It was a very different story when we came out the other side, narrow roads with overhangs.

Then into road works.

But the scenery was fantastic.

We’ve ended up in the car park of a French wine maker in Gan, so I might pop over with my glass tonight and help myself from the vats.

Our ferry is Thursday week so we’re going to slowly make our way North, we’ve got to time it right because it’s very cold up there.



  1. Gutted to hear about the damage to Livvy, what an idiot, how upsetting. Hope the rest of your journey back is safe. We leave from Bilboa on the 29th Nov. Lisa, Alastair and Hamish xx

    • Hi Lisa & Alastair
      Hope you enjoyed Spain, we did. On our way home now, sailing from Caen, due to sail back to Bilbao 4th Feb
      if Livvy’s repairs are done.
      Ian & Gill
      P.S.Know what you mean about the barking dogs

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