We moved on today and decided to fill up the LPG now that the heating’s on a fair bit. So after consulting MyLPG we went to Leclerc where a young lady was power washing the lane where the LPG pump was and refused to let us in. So off to the next one, a Total petrol station, and when we arrived there, no LPG! Onwards to the next one, another Total station crowded forecourt, van with bonnet up, lady in middle of pumps texting, man trying to squeeze between her and the pumps, but they did have LPG. Every time I’ve filled up with LPG in France I’ve always had to turn around on a busy forecourt and go against the flow of traffic because they only seem to cater for filling points on the opposite side to ours !!! Still I shouldn’t really complain if that’s the only stressful situation I have to deal with.

After parking up and having lunch we went for a stroll around Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire which was lovely.

We couldn’t help noticing that a lot of the properties appeared to be empty and there was an awful lot of shops and businesses that had closed.

It’s sad to see this anywhere but appears to be happening everywhere you go to nowadays.

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